Watson & Son

About our manufacturer in New Zealand

Watson & Son is one of the biggest manuka manufacturers worldwide and produces about 1000 tons every year. Every single glass has a verified MGO+ number on the label and on top of that, every glass can be traced back to the beehive from where the manuka honey came from, with the help of the barcode on every glass. This guarantees customer transparency, validity and the high quality of Watson & Son's active manuka honey.

The thankful and appreciative attitude of Watson & Son to you as a customer and to the nature of New Zealand can be seen in the loving way of dealing with thousands of manuka trees and bee colonies, the gentle extraction of the manuka honey from the honeycombs, as well as in the simple and noble design.

As a descendant of the Maori chief Kahungunu of the Ngati Kuri tribe, the founder of Watson & Son - Denis Watson - is especially proud of his deep roots in New Zealand. Denis was born in 1954 and he already cultivated a passion for beekeeping in his childhood. This passion became his business when he was in his mid twenties and founded a honey farm with hundreds of beehives.

The breakthrough happened when it was discovered that the traditional holistic application of the manuka honey in New Zealand has unique features.  Due to his family Maori roots, Denis Watson knew about the usage of manuka honey and that the manuka tree was worshipped by the aborigines, but he could only grasp it fully when the features of the manuka honey were scientifically researches and decoded in the "year of the manuka".

Denis immediately saw the potential of the manuka honey and started to research, as well as to develop an optimal procedure for the extraction of manuka honey with a consistent MGO level. Now Watson & Son has become one of the leading manuka honey manufacturers in New Zealand and Denis Watson is still researching and developing...

Today, he does not only lead Watson & Son, but also companies that dedicate themselves to the medical usage of manuka honey and do sensational research with it. These companies became the lifework of Denis Watson and his son Dan Watson - a family that also introduces the valuable manuka honey and its unique features across the borders of New Zealand with heart and mind.

Let yourself be moved by a natural product of highest quality and use the secret knowledge of the Maoris from New Zealand for yourself and your entire family!

Watson & Son guarantees quality and authenticity!