Molan Gold Standard

The Watson & Son manuka honey is awarded with the Molan Gold Standard ™ (More info here:

We are very proud that our manuka honey is awarded with the Molan Gold Standard. This Molan Gold Standard award is the most important quality sign for a high quality manuka honey and is only awards if the tested manuka honey was being tested in the laboratory under the determined purity and quality criteria of the Ministry for Primary Industries in New Zealand.

The tests that underlie the award of the Molan Gold Standard are only allowed to be performed in accredited laboratories of New Zealand according to the ISO 17025 standard. This happens in order to make sure that the legal requirements in dealing with manuka honey are met for the customer. Thereby the natural methylglyoxal marker is being evaluated, that can be found in the manuka honey, in order to ensure the level of purity and the quality.

Every single batch of our Watson & Son manuka honey is separately certified with the Molan Gold Standard and the respective batch related certificate can be obtained on request. On top of that, the Molan Gold Standard certificate testifies that all the scientific standards are met in all areas. This way, highest quality can be guaranteed, when it's about your supply of manuka honey.


The Molan Gold Standard™ distinguishes itself by the following aspects:

  • Internationally recognized quality standard
  • Guaranteed purity and validity of the manuka honey
  • Based on the scientific research of Dr. Peter Molan
  • Officially recognized by the government of New Zealand